How Much Does a Post Office Box Cost

A post office box, PO box, is a mailbox that allows you to keep your mails securely. It is locked, you can only access by code or key. This code or key depends on its location. In other words, each location has a different code or key. Generally, mails that you do not want to be addressed to your house go to the post office box that you have rented. So, how much does a post office box cost or how to rent a post office box?  These are among the most wondered questions. 

Why Do I Need a Post Office Box?

Before answering the question of how much does a post office box cost, let’s talk about why we need a post office box. A post office box is a great way to keep your mails securely. If you are anxious about your mail security so you can rent a post office box. It offers maximum security for your mails. Thanks to a PO box, your emails never get stolen. 

How Much Does a Post Office Box Cost

How Much Does a Post Office Box Cost?

The cost of renting a post office changes according to some factors. One of these factors is the size of the box that you will rent. There are five sizes: Extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large. However, all sizes are not available in each location. Whereas large boxes are more expensive, small ones cost less. You can decide on what size box you need according to the number of your mails. 

As an answer to the question of how much does a post office box cost, we can say that it depends on the length of rental time. Post office boxes have rental periods of 3, 6, or 12 months. Renting a PO box annual is less expensive. If you rent it for a shorter period, it will cost much. 

The third factor is the location. The prices vary by location. So, if your post office box is situated in a big city, it will be more expensive than boxes in rural areas. To give you an idea about costs, renting a small box for 3 months costs $29 in some locations, but in other locations, it can cost $46. 

How to Rent a Post Office Box

You can rent a PO box online or in person. To apply online, you should visit PO Boxes online. To apply in person, you need to go to the local post office and fill out some forms.

A post office enables you to take control of your emails. You can control when or how you receive your emails. To keep your important and private emails, renting a post office box is a perfect option. You can only see your mails by entering a code or by a key. The costs of boxes vary depending on some factors. You should choose the most profitable one. We have tried to answer the question of how much does a post office box cost. We hope that it has been helpful to you.


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